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from the LinkVolt blog

LinkVolt webcam image “ Physical vision – one could say scientific vision – brings about a metaphysical shift in the observer’s view of reality as a whole. The geography of the earth, or the structure of the solar system, are in an instant utterly changed, and forever. The explorer, the scientific observer, the literary reader experience the sublime: a moment of revelation into the idea of the unbounded, the infinite.

— Richard Holmes, in “The Age of Wonder”.


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  • bnbrainer says:

    Yep, new physics also creates a new metaphysical vision.

    Formerly the metaphysics was based on classical physics, Isaac Newton and such, which had as philosophy the mechanical clockwork, a fully qualified determinism, and hence, no more gods were needed – once god created all this, he had no more work to do. And then this led to an ontological view about Reality – things do exist despite a conscious observer watches it or not. Historically, this allowed Science to get away from religions, but it gave us also dogmatic views, that only materialistic science counts — with all negative impacts, e.g. positivism and such. And this cannot explain consciousness at all, as classical physics is plain wrong in the fundamental issues of modern physics. The Gods do in fact play dice…

    But today Quantum Mechanics rules and gave us the insight, that there is no ontological Reality. There exists an epistemological reality, i.e. things do only exist for us in that way how we observe them. That’s consistent with a Kantian view – it’s the observation, which creates the reality and that’s the only thing we can experience.

    It’s as LincVolt writes: it’s “the observer’s view of reality as a whole.” which is the new metaphysics.

    This might allow one day to explain consciousness, and at least for the time being it allows again for some spirituality, i.e. some gods or the likes again.

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