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Neil is writing a book

actually he already wrote it:

Neil Young taking a holiday from music

After the rapturously received world premiere of Neil Young Journeys on Monday evening at a packed Princess of Wales Theatre, the singer and about 35 relatives, friends, associates and discreet admirers repaired to Canoe restaurant for a quiet (no music!), relaxed dinner 54 storeys above downtown Toronto.

Seated at Young’s table – he kept a white chapeau on through the entire meal – were his wife, Pegi; his long-time manager, Elliot Roberts; Neil’s brother, Bob; and Jonathan Demme, the director of Young’s last three concert films, including Journeys.

Young said he is taking a holiday from music for the time being to concentrate on writing non-fiction, mostly memoir-ish stuff. He has just completed his first book, a 105,000-word epic tentatively titled Cars I Have Known. No publisher as yet.

GlobeAndMail Staff
Last updated Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2011 6:34PM EDT


Sharry, go ahead and publish it!


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3 Responses to “Neil is writing a book”

  • Superfullmoon says:

    it was writtened:
    > of course – we must remember Neil’s creativity has lasted longer than that of most artists though – most writers run out of good new songs much earlier than Neil has. I believe Neil still has the creativity – I’m just not sure he still has the angst and passion needed for the great songs. hope I’m wrong.

  • Horg says:

    I think Peaceful Valley Boulevard off of his last album is one of the best he’s written. Still lots of gas in that tank, I think.

  • joan digweed says:

    Well…it will be interesting experience in his life and exciting book for readers, I suppose!

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