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Two very different reviews of WHP

Neil-Young_Waging-Heavy-Peace_cover Neil Young’s “Waging Heavy Peace”:

It’s amazing how differently people see the book!

thanks go to pat r. from canada

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3 Responses to “Two very different reviews of WHP”

  • Joe says:

    I like that, people have different views on this book. Waging Heavy Peace. While the standard Neil fan always likes everything Neil issues, here it might become a discussion that actually the book is controvorsiel. Who read it to the end anyway?

  • p.michael quinn says:

    I did. Over a couple of weeks, right before sleep. I liked it because it seemed like I was just laying there listening to whatever was banging around in Neil’s head and heart. I agree with both of these guys though:
    “I suppose the illusion of sitting around and listening to Neil ramble has enough charm to overcome the book’s faults, which are legion.” – Puckett
    “…his book reads more like a personal journal. Overall, this is a good thing; however, it’s a bit untidy and, at times, could have used some judicious editing.”-Fritz
    But overall, WHP resonates with reambling honesty as far as I can tell, and that speaks volumes to me.

  • book worm says:

    havent read it yet, but think i have to do it. if its whp is about honesty then it sounds interesting. even if people disagree or something.

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