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Neil’s Guitar Tuning

Alex ponders the question:

What Is Going On With Neil’s Guitar Tuning??? Neil has been struggling with his guitars being out of tune for this ENTIRE tour. I have seen a bunch of these shows and more than a few times in the middle of the show Neil had to stop and yell to his guitar tech that his guitar was not tuned correctly. All very distracting and amateur for a Neil show.

I have seen over 100 Neil shows over the years and tuning has never been an issue. Well, it is now. I wondered if other concert goers had the same experience? Neil what is going on with your guitar tuning???


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4 Responses to “Neil’s Guitar Tuning”

  • bnbrainer says:

    I can’t judge it, I haven’t joined any of the shows on this tour. But isn’t Larry Craig still the guitar Tech of Neil? He used to be brilliant.

  • bnbadmina says:

    Thx a lot for feedbacking, Alex!
    Greetz, Badmina 😉

  • bnbrainer says:

    PeteC explains: “That’s easy… no Larry Cragg.

    First show of the tour in Albany last year; first song first note feeding back, I mumble to my self something about Larry doing his job but Larry does not come out some other dude does.

    Some time later I heard from someone, bh maybe, maybe someone else, told me that Larry is not on this tour and Neil is using Daniel Lanois’ guitar guy.

    and that is all I know, other then Neil needs Larry back. “

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