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A message from Neil Young

May 17, 2011

2012 will be the year that record companies release High Resolution Audio.

This is huge for our industry. Since the advent of the CD, listeners have been deprived of the full experience of listening. With the introduction of MP3s via online music services, listeners were further deprived.

The spirituality and soul of music is truly found when the sound engulfs you and that is just what 2012 will bring. It is a physical thing, a relief that you feel when you finally hear music the way artists and producers did when they created it in the studio. The sound engulfs you and your senses open up allowing you to  truly feel the deep emotion in the music of some of our finest artists. From  Frank Sinatra to the Black Keys, the feeling is there. This is what recording  companies were born to give you and in 2012 they will deliver.

— Neil Young

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