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BNB statistics (updated)

updated 05.07.2011: here a chart of statistics on BNB visitors, just for teh lulz:

[click on image to get hi resolution]

first light on Cortez was 16. Feb. 2011. The bumps around days 10 and  90 are an artefact of the Spline-approximation (like the swinging of waves!) of the curve but correspond to the startup and Neil’s solo tour in April/May, respectively.

Nice is, that the spam rate is just constant. Spam-hack-trials/real guests ratio is currently constant, and yields = 5,43 %. That’s a brilliant low ratio. Too lazy to read all log files 😀

The received comment spam that gets through the bee filter is manually moderated because we only have a comment rate of about 1,39 comments/day after the filters. Current ratio is 34% spams per total comments or roughly 1 spam per 2 real comments, which yields a rate of about 1 comment spam every 2 days — hence easy to moderate manually.

Shoutbox spam is currently not evaluated, but it’s mostly some poor Indian/Pakistanian/Indonesian soul which tries to hack into it occasionally. The shoutbox spam is moderated manually with occasional blocking of the most persistent IP ranges. We also try to get in funny contact with them but they are not very responsive.

By the current total rate of about 940 visitors per day as of 22 June 2011 (only counting access from different IP@s  – this method even exaggerates the spam ratio), it’s an easy going, actually no hard spam fighting needed.

Cortez is a rhino.




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