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Happy 2012!


Foto: Badmina CC

Happy new year, Sophie gal …
Miss Sophie: Mr. Winterbottom !
James: It’s one of the nicest little women, one of the nicest little women, that’s ever breathed, ever breathed…I now declare this bazar opened !
– Would you like some fruit ?
Miss Sophie: I think we’ll have port with the fruit !
James: Oh, no! Ssssame procedure as last…
Miss Sophie: Yes, same procedure as every year, James !-
Sir Toby !
James: – Sugar in the morning, sugar …
Miss Sophie: Admiral von Schneider !
James: – Ssshkol !
Miss Sophie: Mr. Pommeroy !
James: – I’m sorry, madam, sorry.
Miss Sophie: Mr. Winterbottom !
James: – Huh, I’ll kill that cat !
Miss Sophie: Well, James, it’s been really a wonderful party !-
James: Well, it’s been most enjoyable.
Miss Sophie: I think I’ll retire.
James: You’re going to bed ?
Miss Sophie: Yes.
James: Sit down, I’ll give you a hand up, Madam.
Miss Sophie: As I was saying, I think, I’ll retire …
James: Ya…ya. – By the way, the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie ?
Miss Sophie: The same procedure as every year, James !
James: Well – I’ll do my very best !

…Dinner for one and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY from the BNB-Team!

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