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Neil Young Set List: 2011-10-22, Bridge School Benefit 25, Mountain View, California, USA

Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California, USA
Bridge School Benefit 25

1. I Am A Child (acoustic guitar - solo)
2. Get Together (acoustic guitar; accompanied by Pegi Young)
3. Pocahontas (vocals; guests with Beck)
4. Dance Dance Dance (acoustic guitar; guests with Mumford & Sons)
5. Oh! Susanna (acoustic guitar; guests with Dave Matthews)
6. Helpless (acoustic guitar; guests with Arcade Fire)
7. Comes A Time (acoustic guitar - solo)
8. Sugar Mountain (acoustic guitar - solo)
9. Long May You Run (acoustic guitar - solo)
10. Heart Of Gold (acoustic guitar - solo)
11. Get Together (acoustic guitar; accompanied by various guests)

Lineup - Devendra Banhart, Norah Jones & The Little Willies, Beck, Los
Invisibles, Eddie Vedder, Mumford & Sons, Dave Matthews, Arcade Fire, Neil

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