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@Pearl Jam fans: “Pearl Jam 20”

…20 years of PJ history in songs:

Exclusive Album Stream: Pearl Jam’s Career Retrospective ‘Twenty’
Soundtrack features live recordings and rarities spanning 20 years

Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam Twenty documents the first two decades of the Seattle quintet’s extraordinary career, presenting never-before-seen footage of the band at every phase of their evolution, from their embryonic stage after the dissolution of Mother Love Bone to their present-day role as the elder statesmen of Nineties rock. Pearl Jam Twenty isn’t just a movie, though – we’ve already shared an exclusive excerpt of the companion oral history book of the same name, and now we have an exclusive stream of the soundtrack album.

The Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack is a career-spanning set of live recordings, demos and unreleased material that illuminates the band’s creative process and showcases their awe-inspiring power as a live act. The set kicks off with a handful of live recordings of classic tunes from Ten, but goes on to include two Temple of the Dog demos, a gorgeous cover of Mother Love Bone‘s “Crown of Thorns,” the previously unheard recording “Acoustic #1” and highlights from their appearances on MTV Unplugged and Saturday Night Live.

The Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack will be in stores on September 20th 2011, but you can stream it above in its entirety now:


the sound is excellent!

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