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random ripples (thoughts on: Deep Forbidden Lake)

the Random Quote widget on this server just came up with this:

β€œβ€œAnd it ripples through the crowds
Who run and cast their doubts
In the deep forbidden lake. ””
by — Neil Young

Neil, as usual, touches the unknown things.

here also:
“just like ripples on the water”, David Bohm.

the idea is, that there is more below the surface which just shows you the ripples on the river. You might love at this triviality, but think about it. It’s a completely different physical picture, from what is scratched today: the surface. There is a river below which carries the unconscious beings, the hidden archetypes, and the today so often “forbidden” beings of your own. If you’re honest, you feel that life is bigger than all that behavioural shit and what these tomograph-pictures show about you.

Discover your forbidden lake
and then discover your deep lake.

Random Quote

Find out that now was the answer to answers that you gave later...
by -- Neil Young

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