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Review: Take Two: Neil Young at the Hippodrome Theater April 27

April 28, 2011
Take Two: Neil Young at the Hippodrome Theater April 27
Nick Madigan, who first saw Young in concert in the 70s writes:

Neil Young is determined to prove he can do it alone.

Calmly strolling the stage of Baltimore’s Hippodrome as though it were his living room, taking his time to decide what to play next from his vast repertoire and an array of guitars and pianos — even a pump organ [1] — Young seemed on Wednesday night to be living his performer’s ideal, a musician unencumbered by other musicians, true only to his muse and the vagaries of spontaneous choice.

At 65 years old, and with a five-decade career still going strong, Young long ago earned the right to do whatever he likes. Sometimes, the results are uneven, even startlingly so.

“Where’s the Horse?” someone in the Hippodrome crowd shouted out. Young ignored him, just as he did all those who begged for specific pearls from his inventory…

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[1] thx 2 hb for pointing this out

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