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Release Posted by Robin Murray Fri, 25/05/2012
Neil Young is to collect his first four solo albums in an upcoming budget box set.

A seminal songwriting talent, Neil Young’s sprawling discography can be an imposing beast. Do you start with his folk period, his country rock output, his oddball 80s output or the 90s rejuvenation?

Thankfully, Neil Young is set to make things a little easier for fans. The Canadian born songwriter is to collect his first four solo albums in a new budget box set, acting as a superb introduction to his output.

‘Official Release Series, Discs 1-4’ will be released through Reprise on June 11th, with the box set due to contain: ‘Neil Young’ (1968), ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’ (1969), ‘After The Gold Rush’ (1970) and ‘Harvest’ (1972).

These four albums chart Neil Young’s progression from the wreckage of Buffalo Springfield towards the enormous commercial success of ‘Harvest’.

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, the album’s soothing country rock remains a touchstone – arguably paving the way for Fleet Foxes, Band Of Horses and countless other plaid shirt clad minstrels.

However there remains plenty left to explore. Hell, even ‘Harvest’ – perhaps Young’s most easily accessible album – contains the final guitar rampage of ‘Words’.

‘Official Release Series, Discs 1-4’ is set to be released on June 11th.

p.s.: 5th is release date for “Americana”.

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