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Neil Invited to Guatemala, with the Boss and U2

Bruce Springsteen, U2, Neil Young, Elton John Invited to Guatemala to Celebrate So-Called “End of the World”
23 August 2012

December 21, 2012, marks the end of the Mayan calendar, which some people have interpreted as meaning the end of the world. And in the country of Guatemala, they’re planning a helluva party to mark the occasion.

According to the European news agency AFP, the Culture Ministry of Guatemala has invited several famous music artists, including Bruce Springsteen, U2, Neil Young, Elton John and Sting, to what they’re calling a “World Summit of Humanity” on December 21. They believe that, rather than marking the end of the world, the end of the Mayan calendar represents the beginning of a new era that will last 5,200 years.

The “World Summit of Humanity” aims to bring together “world leaders, thinkers, philosophers, scientists,” as well as musicians. There’s no word on whether any of these big names will accept the invitation.

AFP quotes Culture Minister Carlos Batzin as saying, “We are at a turning point, a moment of opportunity, but overall of commitment, so that the natural order that the Mother Earth is going through parallels, as human beings, our lives [and] our civilizations.”

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