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Occupy audio: Wall St Journal blog on costs of upcoming release

Neil Young CD: $10. Neil Young LP: $42
Neil Young values a high-fidelity listening experience. He’s betting that his fans do, too.

When “Americana,” the rocker’s first album in nine years featuring his legendary backing band Crazy Horse, comes out June 5, the CD will be sold on for an iTunes-competitive $9.99. The site is offering a vinyl LP for $42.38, or $3.85 per song.

Granted, you get some vinyl bang for your buck. “Americana” will come on two discs of super-heavy, audiophile grade 180-gram vinyl—pressed in Germany, no less. Side 4, instead of featuring music, will come engraved with an etching of a Native American figure riding horseback. Liner notes will offer histories of the album’s 11 folks tunes, like “Oh Susannah” and “This Land Is Your Land,” reworked by Young and his band in their chugging, hard-rocking style.

…full article (* May 30, 2012, 9:00 AM ET):

… “Young summarized his feelings on the need for better sound quality with a rallying cry that might apply to his pricing strategy, too: “Occupy audio!

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