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Walk Like a Giant!

partial version of this new song, a monster epic song…

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3 Responses to “Walk Like a Giant!”

  • Tilly Bean says:

    Walk like a Giant. Good song.
    Another self serving tune by Neil..
    I’ve been going to Neil Young concerts since the 70’s. Neil plays to his own beat..
    That was ok when tickets were $14. even up to $45.. I paid $111 for my Redrocks seat on 8/5…There were a few songs i liked.. Five tunes all sounded like Powder Finger with overdriven Sustain..
    Only two acoustic songs.
    BUT The eight minute ending of Walk like a Giant. Thump Thump Thump.. EIGHT EFFING minutes.. Yeah we got it Neil after the first 20 seconds.. Cool. Enough.. Other song endings lasted 3,4,5 minutes.. Guitar rubbing into the amp.. Love ya Neil but Your not Hendrix..
    I can assure all of the wildlife in the Redrocks area was shell shocked.. They prolly still haven’t recovered.
    Maybe this was payback for booing Neil and the Shocking Pinks off the stage At the Philly Spectrum in 1983.
    I want $80 back.

  • canyoncaver says:

    Neil’s been doing the same thing ever since you saw him in the 70s.

    Sounds like you’re the one that’s changed.

    From another perspective, watching the blood red gibbous moon rise over the Denver skyline while Crazy Horse made sounds of screaming dinosaurs and giants stomping over the land is something I will not soon forget.

    Get a copy of the show and give it another listen. We witnessed a historic night there.

    • bnbrainer says:

      “Sounds like you’re the one that’s changed.”? whom are you talking to, canyonkave? As far as I know, it’s the best Neil and the Horse for a long time. Happy joyfully mood, raw new songs, and making people loving it. Yeah, the same thing, Neil ever did, but again =;) and still. What I loved, was, that everyone expected Americana, but they did their Horse stuff and new Horse stuff.

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