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Lightfoot stomps Neil elephant at Greenbelt

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes to our fans or the festivals where we were scheduled to appear,” … “As you must be, we too are disappointed at this unfortunate turn of events.”

~Neil Young

“It took Gordon Lightfoot, the dean of Canadian songwriters and as close to a living legend as it gets, to knock the elephant off the stage of the third annual Greenbelt Harvest Picnic,” writes

Cathie Coward, The Hamilton Spectator

Cathie Coward, The Hamilton Spectator

According to the Hamilton Spectator, False rumors, fueled by the presence of Young’s wife Pegi in the Picnic lineup, persisted throughout the park, even into Saturday evening, that Neil would make a surprise visit. It didn’t happen, never was in the cards.

Instead, on Saturday, the 10,000 Picnic goers got Lightfoot. Normally a bucket-list item for any lover of Canadian music, Lightfoot was stepping into potentially hostile terrain. Let’s face it, at 74, his voice doesn’t even come close to what it was in its heyday. And Lightfoot’s understated delivery is light years away from the fiery garage guitar jams currently being served up by Crazy Horse.

“I would like to thank Mr. Lanois and Mr. Young for inviting us on this show,” he humbly told the crowd from the stage. “Thank you very much for having us.”

It didn’t satisfy all those angry Neil Young fans. Early in the day, one woman heckled Lanois, demanding he “come clean” and provide a full refund. She was quickly shouted down by those in the crowd around her.

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