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No going on without Poncho.

Now that cancellations of the Neil Young with Crazy Horse Tour has hit the USA, fans are abuzz with ticket refund angst as to whether they will get back the money they invested in concerts that were scheduled.

Frank “Poncho” Sampedro’s hurt hand earlier scrubbed dates in Sweden and Belgium, though at that time band members hoped a series of planned North American concerts would still be held. Doctors have since apparently recommended additional healing time.

Canceled tour dates include:  The August 31, 2013 Greenbelt Harvest Picnic at Christie Lake Conservation Area in Ontario; Sept. 2  with Patti Smith at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY (promised to be the smallest place that Neil & the Horse would have played in recent memory); Sept. 4 Ottawa Folk Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and Sept. 7 Interlocken Muisc Festival at Oakridge Farm in Arlington, Virginia.

According to Something Else! Reviews bassist Crazy Horse Billy Talbot has reached out to disappointed fans.

“I want to be sure each of you know that all four of us in the Horse are extremely disappointed in this turn of events,” Talbot says. “We’ve never had to cancel a show before.”

Talbot says Crazy Horse has developed an all-for-one attitude that makes it impossible to go on without someone like Sampedro.

“After being together for 40 years, we know there’s no way we can play without Poncho, or any one of us,” Talbot adds. “The four of us have to be there for it to be NYCH. If there’s any way that we could have played these shows, we would be there. This is an extremely hard twist of fate for us to accept. One of the reasons that we love what we’re doing and it rocks so much, is the fact that we respect that it comes from the four of us. A unified passion.”

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