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Ralph Molina Interview

Thrasher has an exclusive interview with Crazy Horse Drummer Ralph Molina:

Ralph: Lordy, we’ve been playing songs like that forever. We love to jam, extend the songs.
I love when Neil has the chance to play his long, soulful solos, that’s what makes us get off!
We just stay in shape, we exercise, eat good, stopped the messing around (if you know what I mean).
I’ve been asked by younger bands, “How are we still playing? Where do we get our energy?”.
I tell them, “If you want the longevity, lose your egos and realise what you have to do, to last as long, you have to make changes”.

Random Quote

I heard a perfect Echo die

Into an anonymous wall of digital sound

Somewhere deep inside

Of my soul

by -- from \'Natural Beauty\' - Neil Young

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Sugar Mountain setlists

Tom Hambleton provides BNB with setlists, thankfully. His website is the most comprehensive searchable archives on the Internets about anything Neil Young related setlists. Goto Sugar Mountain.

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