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Aloha PONO

A Message from our CEO Neil Young

Hi pono family!

What a pono time the VIP dinners were with our Kickstarter supporters.

It was incredible meeting those of you who were there, and feeling the passion you bring to the pono movement.

Thank you so much from all of us.

Welcome to the pono experience.

You, our Kickstarter Supporters, will be the first to use our beta website and music store. We welcome your feedback and comments, as they will help us to ensure the best service for music lovers.

We will offer a very large selection of ponomusic.

All ponomusic is 44.1/16 resolution or higher, up to and including 192/24 resolution. 44.1/16 is the resolution that is used on CDs.

We are continually in contact with artists, producers, and record companies, requesting the highest resolution possible for their music.

Some artists’ works have been provided to us in multiple resolutions so we are currently processing these files, eliminating all but the highest resolution from our music store.

As a Kickstarter supporter, if you purchase ponomusic and files that are higher resolution become available then you will be eligible to receive free upgrades for life, because we greatly appreciate your support. You are pono.

Thank you!

Neil Young,AlohaPonoSmall

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