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Chrissie Hynde’s debut solo album to feature Neil Young

Chrissie HyndeNeil Young & Chrissie Hynde – what a great combination and collaboration.

Six years after the last Pretenders album, Chrissie Hynde’s first solo venture, entitled Stockholm, will be released on 9 June and feature Neil Young on guitar, according to The Guardian.

Recorded at Ingrid Studios in Stockholm with Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling, Hynde aimed to pen a “power pop album” that sounds something like “Abba meets John Lennon”, she explains in a statement.

Aside from her collaboration with Yttling, the album includes two friends of the Pretenders’ singer: the track Down the Wrong Way features Neil Young on guitar, and A Plan Too Far includes the fretwork of tennis legend John McEnroe.

Stockholm follows the Pretenders’ 2008 album Break Up the Concrete, and Hynde’s collaborative record with Welsh singer JP Jones, named Fidelity. The album, she says, focuses on the upbeat elements of rock music. “So much of rock’n’roll has become what I would call Glory Rock, with family values. It’s the irreverence in rock that was always the turn-on. I disagree with people who say you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. I think life is serious, and you should take it seriously, but in rock’n’roll either have a fucking laugh or fuck off. ‘Stockholm’ is very danceable,” adds Chrissie.

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