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Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Israel

one website reports it, first time Neil Young and teh Horse will play in Israel, 17 July 2014:,7340,L-4474937,00.html

“Summer 2014 warming up: Ynet has learned that Canadian rock singer Neil Young expected to perform in Israel, to be held on July 17 in Hayarkon Park. Ticket sales have been set off”

“Update, 8:54:’s production company Shuki Weiss, who is responsible for bringing the Young Israel issued an official statement on the show – to be held on July 17 in Hayarkon Park. At this opens early sales network, with ticket prices ranging from 340 normal grass, NIS, and NIS 1,400 VIP card. “

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5 Responses to “Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Israel”

  • Heavy says:

    It is terrible news that Neil is supporting Isreali apartheid. Roger Waters has shown what committed anti-racists should do. We must campaign to get this concert cancelled. What’s the point of supporting indigenous people in North America and then joining their oppressors in the middle east?

  • Heart of Goldberg says:

    This is great news! Using the term “apartheid” re Israel is inaccurate and a veiled anti-Semitic ruse. As is denying that the Jewish people are one of the indigenous people of the middle-east. After 2 thousand years of hardship we are returning home to our ancestral land and indigenous people everywhere are proud! Welcome Neil!

  • Nibbles says:

    attention Heavy,
    firstly, you can’t even spell Israeli correctly.
    secondly, what makes you think that a tiny country like Israel is the oppressor when it is surrounded by much larger and hostile Muslim countries who can’t even get along with each other and who won’t accept the Palestinian population into their own countries, but rather keep them where they are to be used as political pawns…This has been going on for years and will likely continue…watch the tv, read the news, open your mind and eyes…it is Muslim extremists who are the worlds terrorists killing thousand of innocent people, not the Israelis!!!

  • ThrowYourRacismDown says:

    For Roger Waters’ position see

    He is clearly a supporter of the boycott of apartheid in Israel. He may have played there but changed his mind. That shows the value of having a campaign.

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