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Thrasher – a short snibbit

Neil Young - Dolby Theatre - March 29, 2014

A short clip of “Thrasher” played by Neil Young  the first time in 36 years on March 29, 2014 at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.






If You Could Read My Mind

neil-young-hollywood-dolbyNeil Young’s performs Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” on March 29, 2014 at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the first night of a four-night show.





Neil Young Invites Us Into His Living Room, But It’s Not Cheap

A review of Neil Young’s Dolby Theater concert by Emily Zemler for The Hollywood Reporter who writes that the bottom line is: The acclaimed folk singer offers an intimate, homespun acoustic performance that centers on his classic hits, aimed at those who can afford it.

Zelmer writes: “Imagine Neil Young at home on his Northern Californian ranch. Mismatched decorative rugs hang on the walls, a black jacket dangles off a coat rack in the corner. A candle flickers atop an old pipe organ and another drips wax on a worn upright piano. The man himself, now 68 years old, putters around the room in a loose tan suit and black hat, seemingly trying to determine which instrument will best suit an acoustic rendition of one of his many songs. At first he sits in the center, encircled by eight guitars and a banjo, all scuffed by years of use, and selects the right one for “From Hank to Hendrix,” a number off his 1992 album Harvest Moon.

“It’s all very intimately wrought, except Young isn’t in his home; he’s onstage at L.A.’s Dolby Theater for the first of a four-night stand. An excitable crowd, many of whom paid extraordinarily high prices for their tickets to see Young’s acoustic tour in this 3,400 capacity room, has been screaming song titles at him. There is a sense of entitlement among these fans, as if the $400 ticket price tag has guaranteed them each a personal selection on his set list. One fan shouts, ‘Welcome back to LA, Neil!’  Young, seemingly trying to decide if it was the best move to invite all these people into his living room, simply replies, ‘It’s good to be back in L.A.'”

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Dolby Theater Show 2 – no Thrasher, tells a guy “Fuck You!”

Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Here is the set list for Neil Young’s second night performance at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

No Thrasher tonight during the encore – it was replaced with “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

Neil yells “Fuck You” to some drunk, asshole dude screaming “CINNAMON GIRL.” Bravo Neil, epic. Right before launching into “Long May You Run.”

During the first set Neil replaces “Are You Ready for the Country” with “Reason to Believe.” In the second set “”After the Gold Rush” is replaced with “Harvest Moon” and “Flying on the Ground is Wrong” is replaced with “Heart of Gold.”

Neil plays again on Tuesday April 1 and Wednesday April. 2

2014-03-30, Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA


1. From Hank To Hendrix

2. On The Way Home

3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

4. Love In Mind

5. Philadelphia

6. Mellow My Mind

7. Reason to Believe

8. Someday

9. Changes

10. Harvest

11. Old Man

12. Goin’ Back

13. A Man Needs A Maid

14. Ohio

15. Southern Man

16. Mr. Soul

17. If You Could Read My Mind

18. After The Gold Rush

19. Heart Of Gold

20. Blowin’ In The Wind

21. Long May You Run

Thanks to Tom Hambleton at


Just in- LA Times review of Dolby Show

Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Neil as Jesus? Ok!

“Still brimming with his signature sense of spontaneity, of mercurial artistry alive in the moment, that makes Young such a hallowed figure to so many.”

Neil Young’s run at the Dolby continues with shows Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. All are sold out.

Randy Lewis of the Los Angeles Times offers this review of the Dolby Show:

He writes: “It wasn’t a big leap to wonder during Saturday’s opening night of Neil Young’s four-night run of solo acoustic concerts in Hollywood whether Jesus, if he returned to address a modern-day audience, would have to contend with a steady stream of shouts from the back for ‘Sermon on the Mount!’ ‘Water into wine’ and ‘Free Bird!’

“Young fielded a similar barrage of requests (“Cinnamon Girl!” “Down By the River!”) and comments (“You’re the man!”) from the sold-out crowd at the Dolby Theatre good-naturedly.

“At one point he tacitly acknowledged the tone of almost spiritual pilgrimage in the air by shaking the water out of a harmonica onto folks sitting in the first few rows, a rock ’n’ roll priest anointing his flock. He even shifted into request mode himself after another outburst from fans, mock shouting “The Beatles!” “The Rolling Stoooooones!” “Free Bird!””

Read more at:,0,4537800.story#ixzz2xTdB1KwD

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