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Neil & Sadies on A Canadian Tribute to The Band

Published: 2012/08/22
Relix Premieres Neil Young and The Sadies “This Wheel’s On Fire” from Garth Hudson Presents Chest Fever: A Canadian Tribute To The Band

Garth Hudson Presents Chest Fever: A Canadian Tribute To The Band is set for an October 2 release. On this album, Garth Hudson draws together a variety of musicians to perform the music of his former group. Cowboy Junkies, Bruce Cockburn, Danny Brooks & The Rockin’ Revelators, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Blue Rodeo are among the participants, with Hudson serving as producer and performing keyboards on all tracks. Neil Young and The Sadies have contributed a version of “This Wheel’s On Fire” to the record and that songis currently steaming on The complete tracklisting for Garth Hudson Presents Chest Fever appears below:

Garth Hudson Presents Chest Fever: A Canadian Tribute To The Band
1. Danny Brooks & The Rockin’ Revelators – Forbidden Fruit
2. Mary Margaret O’Hara – Out of the Blue
3. Peter Katz & The Curious – Acadian Driftwood
4. Neil Young & Sadies – This Wheel’s on Fire
5. Suzie McNeil – Ain’t Got No Home
6. Cowboy Junkies – Clothes Line Saga
7. Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckly – You Ain’t Going Nowhere
8. Bruce Cockburn & Blue Rodeo – Sleeping
9. The Road Hammers – Yazoo Street Scandal
10. Raine Maida – The Moon Struck One
11. The Sadies – The Shape I’m In
12. Chantal Kreviazuk – Tears of Rage
13. I Loved Your Too Much – Hawksley Workman
14. Great Big Sea – Knockin’ Lost John
15. Blue Rodeo – King Harvest
16. The Trews – Move to Japan
17. Garth Hudson – Genetic Method (Anew)
18. Ian Thornley & Bruce Cockburn – Chest Fever

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