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Massachusetts chooses Neil

Are you sick of those Facebook polls on: what state, movie star, fruit, dog, famous writer are you?

A new map compiled by Director of Developer Platform for The Echo Nest Paul Lamere shows that the most widely listened to artist, which could also be construed in terms of popularity, in Massachusetts, is folk rock singer-songwriter Neil Young.

echo-nest-maps-favorite-music-by-stateAccording to their website The Echo Nest its music intelligence platform “synthesizes billions of data points and transforms it into musical understanding to power smarter music applications for customer.”

The map can be seen at BostInno where staff writer Nick DeLucca writes:

“If I were to ask you who your favorite musical artist or band is, what would you say? My humble guess is that Neil Young probably isn’t your number one, let alone in your top five. Given that some heretics out there don’t even know who Paul McCartney is, I wouldn’t be surprised that Young is far from the minds of people who are inclined to jam out on a consistent basis.”

Lamere compounded data from a number of sources – he refused to disclose every one because, as he notes in the comment section, “the exact amount of data available and the contributing services to the dataset are not public” – including Spotify based on “listening preferences of about a quarter million listeners that have a zip code associated with their account.”

Check it out at:


Random Quote

Young explains why “you don’t have to worry if you lose friends”: “‘Cause they’re still in your head. They’re still in your heart.”
by Journeys - the movie

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