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Psychedelic Pill streaming

PSYCHEDELIC PILL will be available for streaming exclusively at beginning October 24th until its October 30th release date.

“Ramada Inn” official video



[Stereogum:] This motherfucker Neil Young just got his old Crazy Horse band back together to make their second album this year, and that album, Psychedelic Pill, has some really, really long songs on it. One of those songs is “Ramada Inn,” a 17-minute psych-rock odyssey about, more or less, being old and in love. It’s pretty shattering, and now Young has made a video for it, using a ton of old, scratchy archival footage and kaleidoscopic designs. Watch it below.

Walk Like A Giant


Premiere: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, ‘Walk Like a Giant’ Rockers remain off camera in their new video

By Rolling Stone September 25, 2012 1:00 PM

Neil Young and Crazy Horse fans, your nearly decade-long wait for new material is finally over. Here is the premiere of their video for “Walk Like a Giant.” No member of the band actually appears in this video. Instead, it’s footage of giants of history (real and imagined) like Bigfoot, Albert Einstein and the Atomic bomb. The song is over 16 minutes on the album, but they’ve shaved it down to under five for the video. It’s one of six new songs that Neil Young and Crazy Horse debuted last month on tour.

The album hits shelves on October 30th. It’s just eight songs long, but some of them are so long it’s a double album. The tour resumes in early October and runs through December.

:: article and video on Rolling Stone

Radio edit:



Psychedelic Pill – album cover #2

a new version of the Psychedelic Pill album cover, cover art done by Gary Burden:

some comments on Human-Highway.

The old version can be seen here.

Thrasher’s Wheat has a discussion and poll about which version the fans like more.


Psychedelic Pill – review by Uncut

Uncut writes:

“OK I’m going to try and be relatively brief with this – or at least as brief as one can hope to be when dealing with the longest studio album that Neil Young’s ever made. I’ve written what I hope is an exhaustive review of “Psychedelic Pill” for the next issue of Uncut, and don’t really want to repeat myself too much.

First up; it’s great, though I’m conscious of being someone with an enormously high tolerance of Neil Young’s self-indulgences, especially when he has the bedraggled might of Crazy Horse in tow. Trying to place “Psychedelic Pill”’s excellence into some canonical ranking doesn’t make a whole deal of sense to me, in much the same way as it feels a bit pointless trying to measure up “Tempest” against “Blonde On Blonde”.

Young’s 35th studio set is best understood as the next chapter in what has been an eccentric and compelling last decade of music-making, with this time (unlike on “Americana”, blogged about here) a lot of extended jams to satisfy my favourite NY cravings.

If you’ve seen the revealed data about “Psychedelic Pill”, you’ll know about how extended those jams are: two over 15 minutes, and one – the extraordinary opener “Driftin’ Back” – stretching out to nearly half an hour by itself. You’ll have seen the sleeve, too and, in conjunction with the title, wondered exactly how psychedelic this record might be.”

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