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the Americana tour

equal goes it loose….

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour News for 2012 :


* 3 August, Hard Rock Casino Albuquerque Presents The Pavilion Albuquerque, NM


* 05-06. August Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado. (has Neilfest as well)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse tour listing 2012 on BNB .

Maybe they start a new album beforehand, or they just play. We wish you all nice fests and gatherings in the spirit of Neil Young and this Horse.

Current album is “Americana” | Official album at the Neil site |


Full Moon, wild Earth

NASA says:

On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east
at sunset. It’s a super “perigee moon”–the biggest in almost 20 years.

Neil in the barn, writing a new song…

>>> moar moon pix by our readers on BNB.


Random Quote

So I got bored and left them there, They were just deadweight to me Better down the road without that load
by -- Neil Young

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Tom Hambleton provides BNB with setlists, thankfully. His website is the most comprehensive searchable archives on the Internets about anything Neil Young related setlists. Goto Sugar Mountain.

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