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Concert Review: Massey Hall (T.O. Star)

Concert review: Neil Young brings Le Noise to Massey

Neil Young performs at Massey Hall on May 10, 2011.

By Ben Rayner
May 11, 2011

The great comedian Patton Oswalt has a classic bit where he calls out this dude who has insisted upon violating a quiet moment in his set with one of those loogan-ish “whoooaaas!” with which anyone who’s ever been to any kind of performance that pauses for a quiet moment — other than a play, I guess, but even then — is probably well acquainted.

Oswalt theorizes that such a noisemaking member of the audience must have been told as a youngster that if there was ever a moment of silence in any public performance he was taking in, he’d best make as much noise as possible or goblins would come storming out of the shadows and rape him.

It’s brutal and tasteless, I know, but it serves its purpose, and you kinda wished Oswalt was on hand during the early going of Neil Young’s transfixing solo performance at Massey Hall Wednesday night.

…moar on Toronto Star.

Thanks to Sharry.

Review: Neil Young’s one-man power play (Chicago Tribune)

Greg Kot says:

Solo guitar show raises the roof at Chicago Theatre
May 08, 2011|By Greg Kot | Music critic | for Chicago Tribune

One man, one guitar, one big sound. Neil Young orchestrated his solo concert Friday – the first of two-sold shows at the Chicago Theatre – for maximum impact. He started slow and quiet and built to a rafter-rattling finale.

An early acoustic tune nailed the night’s theme…

Sound was as crucial as sense. Though feedback has always been an aspect of Young’s electric playing, on this night it was a central focus. He was like a landscape painter, splashing voluptuous colors around the theater with reverb and creating a series of overlapping overtones that constantly threatened to bury his voice. “Rumblin’ ” did indeed rumble balcony seats; here was a concert that was felt as well as heard.

…moar on


Neil’s Guitar Tuning

Alex ponders the question:

What Is Going On With Neil’s Guitar Tuning??? Neil has been struggling with his guitars being out of tune for this ENTIRE tour. I have seen a bunch of these shows and more than a few times in the middle of the show Neil had to stop and yell to his guitar tech that his guitar was not tuned correctly. All very distracting and amateur for a Neil show.

I have seen over 100 Neil shows over the years and tuning has never been an issue. Well, it is now. I wondered if other concert goers had the same experience? Neil what is going on with your guitar tuning???


Set List: 2011-05-06&7, Chicago Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA

a neil young rainbow hat

Photo: OPA cc.

2011-05-06&7, Chicago Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA

01. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) (acoustic guitar)
02. Tell Me Why (acoustic guitar)
03. Helpless (acoustic guitar)
04. You Never Call (acoustic guitar w/ pickup)
05. Peaceful Valley (acoustic guitar w/ pickup)
06. Love And War (acoustic guitar w/ pickup)
07. Down By The River (electric guitar – Old Black)
08. Hitchhiker (electric guitar – Old Black)
09. Ohio (electric guitar – White Falcon)
10. Sign Of Love (electric guitar – White Falcon)
11. Leia (piano)
12. After The Gold Rush (pump organ)
13. I Believe In You (piano)
14. Rumblin’ (electric guitar – Old Black)
15. Cortez The Killer (electric guitar – Old Black)
16. Cinnamon Girl (electric guitar – Old Black)

17. Walk With Me (electric guitar – White Falcon)

Tour: Twisted Road Tour – 4th Leg
Band: Solo
Neil Young – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica, vocals

The Rest Program: Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL

Rest of tour leg :

May 6:    Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL
May 7:    Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL

a different song, a different town; something to talk about it.

then up North to Canada

May 10: Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
May 11: Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada

“Whenever you see a rose, stop by and smell it”
by Rassy

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