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Concert Review: Massey Hall (T.O. Star)

Concert review: Neil Young brings Le Noise to Massey

Neil Young performs at Massey Hall on May 10, 2011.

By Ben Rayner
May 11, 2011

The great comedian Patton Oswalt has a classic bit where he calls out this dude who has insisted upon violating a quiet moment in his set with one of those loogan-ish “whoooaaas!” with which anyone who’s ever been to any kind of performance that pauses for a quiet moment — other than a play, I guess, but even then — is probably well acquainted.

Oswalt theorizes that such a noisemaking member of the audience must have been told as a youngster that if there was ever a moment of silence in any public performance he was taking in, he’d best make as much noise as possible or goblins would come storming out of the shadows and rape him.

It’s brutal and tasteless, I know, but it serves its purpose, and you kinda wished Oswalt was on hand during the early going of Neil Young’s transfixing solo performance at Massey Hall Wednesday night.

…moar on Toronto Star.

Thanks to Sharry.

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