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Buffalo Springfield Backstage at Bonnaroo

POSTED: June 12, 12:45 PM ET | By Eric Helton, Matthew Murphy

Before taking the stage in front of an incredibly enthusiastic crowd Saturday night at Bonnaroo, Buffalo Springfield’s Stephen Stills and Richie Furay sat down with Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle to explain how this shocking reunion came to be. “Neil and I were sitting down at lunch one day and were were talking about ‘let’s do something fun,'” Stills recalls. “I said, ‘let’s do Buffalo Springfield a the Bridge School.'” That was their first appearance anywhere since breaking up in 1968 – and it went so well they booked a bunch of dates this year that includes Bonnaroo. Stills thought that some of the younger fans at the festival might not know who they are. “They’re going to go, ‘wow, those old guys, look at them,'” he says. “‘Mommy, who is that old man?'”

Furay – who now works as a pastor at a Colorado church – is thrilled at the chance to create music with his old friends again after so many years. “It’s really neat to reconnect with these guys,” he says. “When we were young we didn’t know what we were doing. I don’t remember the bickering and the fighting…I think people want to add something that wasn’t there because lots of times it’s more fun if there’s a little dirt.” Furay says that the band has “30-plus” dates for the fall – a number the freaks Stills out. “They better have a break in there,” he says. “If we had this much trouble with six, I can’t imagine 30.”

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