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Buffalo Springfield Plan Extensive Tour After Bonnaroo, Vinyl Reissues and More

A recently reunited Buffalo Springfield put together a short California tour this month, performing in just a few choice theaters, as a practice run for their large-scale comeback appearance at Bonnaroo. But original member Richie Furay revealed on Friday that the group has plans for a more extensive tour this fall, beginning in September. Furthermore, he says, all of the shows are being recorded, leaving the possibility of a live album on the table. As for recording new music in the studio, Furay allows that it’s anyone’s guess — but even that is a possibility.

That said, Buffalo Springfield’s current set — the one they’ll perform at Bonnaroo next weekend — sticks strictly to the band’s popular back catalog, save for a cover of group member Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ as their encore. It’s a back catalog taken from just three albums which, by the way, Furay says will be rereleased on vinyl soon.

“We’re not trying to recreate or make anything different than we are,” Furay told Spinner in a press conference for Bonnaroo on Friday. “We are Buffalo Springfield. We’re not ‘Neil Young and Buffalo Springfield’; we’re not ‘Stephen Stills and Buffalo Springfield’ … This is who we were and we’re just privileged to be here today and to be able to make the same music today as what’s in people’s hearts and minds.”

Speaking of the band’s legacy — they were perhaps second only to the Byrds in terms of their early influence on folk-rock — Furay is aware that Bonnaroo plays largely to a generation born after Buffalo Springfield’s 1966-1968 reign. While he speculates that the younger audience is probably already familiar with members Young and Stills, through their respective careers, some of “these young people are going to go ‘Buffalo what? Buffalo who?'” Furay admits. “They’re going to be surprised. We’re going to reconnect them with … where this all started.”

For Bonnaroo, one might say that where it all started was Woodstock — a  festival that Young and Stills performed at in the group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young but that Furay himself missed while touring elsewhere with his post-Springfield band, Poco. But for a new generation of music fans, Bonnaroo is where its at right now, in this moment — a fact which Furay recognizes by saying that “Bonnaroo is the most significant festival in the country.”

That’s partly due, of course, to its ability to resurrect a band such as Buffalo Springfield. And now, partially prompted by their upcoming performance at Bonnaroo, it’s time for Buffalo Springfield… “Again.”

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