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Buffalo Springfield – Setlist 2011-06-01

01. On the way home (NY lenoise guitar)
02. Rock & Roll Woman
03. Burned
04. A childs claim to fame
05. Do I have to come right out and say it
06. Go and say goodbye
07. I am a child
08. hot dusty road (old black)
09. Kind woman (NY piano)
10. Mr soul
11. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
12. There you go again?
12. My Kind Of Love
13. Everybody’s Wrong
14. What haPpened to me (NY piano)
14.  Sad Memory
15. Bluebird (old black)
16 E. Broken arrow (stephen piano)
17. Four what is Worth
19. Rockin’ in the free World

Thanks to Falko!
Thanks to Michael Golden!

Setlist: 2011-06-01, Fox Theater, Oakland, California, USA

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