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Demme Wrapping up His 3rd Neil Flick

Does Jonathan Demme have an unusual fixation or what?

By: Tom Lanham 05/11/11 10:01 AM

Last night and tonight, at Massey Hall up in Toronto, the Academy-Award- winning director will be filming the final shows of Neil Young’s “Le Noise” tour for his concert pic that’s hitting theatres later this year. But it’s his third Neil Young-based movie!

Even the lovably eccentric – and garrulous – Robyn Hitchcock couldn’t hold the guy’s attention for this long. But the perpetually productive Young – whose new Juno-winning “Le Noise” album also snagged a Grammy for Best Rock Song, “Angry World” – is always an interesting subject.

And Demme has chosen different slants – and points in his career – from which to analyze Young. His first effort, “Heart Of Gold,” followed the CSNY legend on his “Prairie Wind” tour back in 2006.

His next, “Trunk Show,” revolved around Young’s “Chrome Dreams II” stop at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Penn., in 2009.

So capturing his performance of the Daniel Lanois-produced “Le Noise” songs is probably a whole new animal entirely. Will Demme be satisfied with just a trilogy of Neil Young films?

Hey – George Lucas didn’t know how to quit when he was ahead, did he? For more:

read moar at the San Francisco Examiner.

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