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Review: Cincinnati

Neil Young: Rockin’ in a weird world

Written by Chris Varias,Enquirer contributor

… But those keyboards and light fixtures didn’t tell half of the tale. Duplicating the sounds on his recent album “Le Noise,” Neil Young put forth several noisy, fuzzed-out displays on electric and acoustic guitars, at times making for what could be the loudest solo performance ever in the field of folk-rock.

Dressed as if he were headed to the off-track-betting parlor, in what appeared to be (in my view from the back of the room) a tan fedora, white sport coat and blue jeans, Young, 65, did nothing to indicate he’s still not our oddest and most relevant old-guy rock ‘n’ roller.

The show had its share of undisputed classic-rock landmarks alongside about a half-dozen “Le Noise” cuts. The old stuff ran from pretty and dreamy like the pump organ-fueled ballad “After the Gold Rush” to lonesome and mean like the endless jam “Down by the River,” which had the near-sellout crowd helping Neil sing the line, loudly: “I shot my baby.”

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Random Quote

\"What is it about JJ Cale’s playing? I mean, you could say Eric
Clapton’s the guitar god, but... he can\'t play like JJ,\" Young told
biographer Jimmy McDonough. \"JJ’s the one who played all that s---
first... And he doesn’t play very loud, either — I really like that
about him. He’s so sensitive. Of all the players I ever heard, it’s
gotta be Hendrix and JJ Cale who are the best electric guitar players.
JJ’s my peer, but he doesn’t have the business acumen — he doesn’t have the idea of how to deal with the rest of the world that I do. But
musically, he’s actually more than my peer, because he’s got that thing.
I don’t know what it is.\"

by -- Neil Young Jimmy McDonough in \"Shakey.\"

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