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Review: Philadelphia “beefy dudes”

Posted on Thu, May. 5, 2011
on: citypaper
Still The Searcher
Neil Young doesn’t need a band to fill a room.

By Sam Adams

[ concert review ]

That didn’t stop one beefy dude from repeatedly yelling “What the fuck?!” as the crowd streamed out after Young’s single encore, but then he’s spent decades perfecting the delicate art of getting classic-rock fans to turn out whether he’s playing the hits or an environmental rock opera. The show might not have been what the audience was expecting, but those with open ears heard Young finding new ways into well-worn classics and forging onward with characteristic eccentricity. At times,it recalled Young’s defense of his scattershot run of 1980’s releases: “You can call me erratic, but I’ve always been consistent about it — consistently erratic.”

Sat., April 30, Tower Theatre.

Random Quote

“I\\\'m really turned on by the new music I\\\'m making now, back with Crazy Horse. Today, even as I\\\'m talking, the songs are running through my head. I\\\'m excited. I think everything I\\\'ve done is valid or else I wouldn\\\'t have released it, but I do realize the last three albums have been a certain way. I know I\\\'ve gotten a lot of bad publicity for them. Somehow I feel like I\\\'ve surfaced out of some kind of murk. And the proof will be in my next album.”
by -- Neil Young, from the Cameron Crowe Rolling Stone interview, Aug 14, 1975. Rolling Stone 1975

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