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Alchemy Euro tour 2013 update

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2 more tour dates added to France 2013.

15.07.   Vienne Antique, Vienne, France
17.07.   Le Festival de Nimes, Nimes, France

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  • bnbrainer says:

    last time I was there at the Vienne Antique amphitheatre, it was one of the best Neil Young and Crazy Horse shows I ever experienced. Was standing in spitting range, directly at the stage border, there was no security zone, the Horse stomping 1 meter above. Ann was there as well, drifted back, some hours later. Vienne is a very beautiful venue – the South of France and the inspiring summer nights. It smells like lavendel. Pre-Act then was Alanis Morisette and Foo Fighters. To experience Neil and the Horse so close, almost familiar, was great.

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Crazy Horse did not like white men because they
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When the cold came roaring down the Plains, the
buffalo faced those raging winds with its head into the
white storm, as if it were cleaning itself from hardship
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Those were the same winds blowing
against Crazy Horse’s face as the footprints of white
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