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Ottawa 2012 fan review

A couple of weeks ago, I broke a vow I made nearly a quarter-century ago, when I walked out on a Rolling Stones concert, bored out of my skull watching a bunch of ageing rockers fake it for the big bucks.

Never again!, I swore, no more stadiums, no more arenas! Rock and roll is meant for bars or – maybe – an outdoor amphitheatre. (And Dylan was great at one such venue by Lake Ontario.)

But when I learned Neil Young and Crazy Horse were coming to Ottawa, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make right a similar, but far more misguided, walk-out. When I was a naive 15 year-old (or was I 16?), and knew Neil Young as only a folk-singer with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, Rust Never Sleeps nearly broke my brain.

I not only walked out of the theatre in outrage at the shrieking feedback and howling, tortured strings — I demanded my money back!

More fool I. But I’ve grown up a little since 1981.

I’ve written about that memory in some detail here:

And about the powerful, moving and frankly mind-blowing, full-sensory theatrical experience that was Neil and the Horse’s 2012 Ottawa concert here:

Thanks for the opportunity to post here, and for the site in general. As someone who has gone from liking Neil (quite a bit) to being a fan, it looks to be a marvellous resource.

By Geoffrey Dow.

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