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Ottawa 2012 fan review, part II

here is moar stuff on Ottawa, Ontario, thanks to Geoff:

In a world where the Rolling Stones was a parody of itself a quarter century ago, and when so many other Baby Boomer favourites have gathered together their artificial hips and toupees to go on the road for yet another payday (I saw the Who’s em “farewell” tour in 1982!, for god’s sake), it is not just a pleasure but almost a shock to consider Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

It’s been nearly a month since I saw them on-stage in Ottawa and in that time (thanks in part to the miracle of cell-phone cameras and the internet) that performance has only grown more vivid in my mind’s ear.

Yes, the Horse played some old favourites — a powerful version of Cinnamon Girl, an hysterically profane Fuckin’ Up and a haunting Cortez the Killer come to mind — but the show was just as much about where Neil Young and his old friends are today as it was about where they have been.

The playing was everything you’d expect from Crazy Horse, but they had a presence in the present that belied the age of the players. These old men were looking forward from the now, not looking back at what they once had been.

Full review lives at Edifice Rex Online:

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It confuses me to hear people shouting at us that musicians should just shu…t up and entertain. Where the hell did that lame-ass idea come from? Music was, is and always will be about social condition and cause and change. Music speaks for the oppressed and downtrodden. Music launches revolution. Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams and Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell and Willie Nelson and John Lennon and Eddie Vedder and Neil Young and all the giants of the art know this. What the fuck kind of music and musicians are these boneheads actually listening to?
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