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An Australian “Waging Heavy Peace” review

From the Sydney Herald, reviewer Daniel Herborn takes on “Waging Heavy Peace” on the tailend of a whirlwind Australian tour by Neil & the Horse.

Herborn has this to say about Neil’s first stab at autobiographical ramblings:

“Showing a zest for life and disdain for order and chronology, Waging Heavy  Peace is rambling, disorganised, rife with hippie aphorisms and absolutely  vital. Anybody hoping for a blow-by-blow account of his remarkable career will  be disappointed.”

Neil Young performs in Melbourne earlier this month. Photo: Jason South

In Young’s world view, nobody is ever forgotten, and long-departed friends are  just as likely to appear in the circuitous narrative as new collaborators, Herborn writes.

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\"It\'s not really a memoir, at least not in the traditional sense. It\'s not chronological and it covers a lot of areas - from the past to the present day, so it\'s like a diary. But it is a memoir, and part of it\'s a projection and a fantasy. It\'s a hippie dream really (laughs). I really enjoy writing. My father was a writer, so I\'ve always known about authors and writing, and now it\'s my time to do it.\"
by --ny on Waging Heavy Peace

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