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Analysis of Neil & Rust Never Sleeps

Jason Mendelsohn and Eric Klinger at the Website Pop Matters discuss the Rust Never Sleeps album indepth.
They describe it as:  ” Right down the middle mix of solo works and Crazy Horse jams, we get the sense of the two sides of Neil Young—cranky acoustic troubadour and cranky electric thud-rocker.”
The review goes on to state: “Clearly, there’s a lot to unpack with this most unusual project, from its in-concert setting to its songwriting to the way Neil Young attempts to find his place as an elder statesmen/boring dinosaur (depending on which side of the line you stood) in the late ‘70s.”
Interesting review with a diaglogue about the album between two music critics. Their views certianly differ. Mendelsohn writes: ”  Yeah, “Pocahontas’ is straight up creepy. In fact, I’ve been skipping by most of the strummy bits lately. ‘Ride My Llama’ and ‘Pocahontas’ don’t do much for me. The same goes for ‘Thrasher’neil_young_rust_never_sleeps—there just isn’t anything there. It’s the rockery on side two that ends up grabbing me. Where those songs may be missing some of the melody that propelled After the Gold Rush and Harvest, they make up for it in some signature hooks. You know the song has a catchy hook when you start humming to yourself about welfare mothers making better lovers”

Random Quote

“Pearl Jam is a band I have a lot of respect for. Nirvana and Sonic Youth I feel the same way about. Mumford & Sons, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Givers, and Foo Fighters are just some of my favorites. I respect bands that give me something of themselves that I can feel. (\"Posing\" bands turn me off generally speaking.)

It all has to do with a feeling I have about them. That is what music is to me, a feeling. It\'s similar with people too.
by -- Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace

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Tom Hambleton provides BNB with setlists, thankfully. His website is the most comprehensive searchable archives on the Internets about anything Neil Young related setlists. Goto Sugar Mountain.

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