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Dublin fans disappointed

DublinThe Irish may be a tough crowd.

According to the Irish Times, the crowd of 18,000Ā attending the Dublin June 15 show with Neil Young and Crazy Horse left disappointed with a self-indulgent performance.

The sound was awful, many said.

It starts out: “What was that wafting through the air at the RDS Arena last night? It was the smell of disappointment, as 18,000 Neil Young fans came to the slow and painful realisation that the man in black on stage was there only to please himself and not the modest attendance at the 30,000 capacity venue.”

The writer, Kevin Courtney, and the crowd it seems, wanted more classics. Some commenters at the end of the article beg to differ.

Innaresting reaction.

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4 Responses to “Dublin fans disappointed”

  • Nell Cahill says:

    I am over 60 and i got very near the front. My first record was bought in 71. I knew what to expect/ It was Crazy Horse. Expected long solos that to me painted wonderful pictures in my head. I was prepared and aware of crazyhorses new stuff. Alot of people talking through out giving out that he was so long with his solos.. I just let go and wow i was drawn in by all the guitar solos I thought it was the best of crazy horse. I was lucky I let the music take me. feel sorry for all thoses people who got muffled sound and who sat so far away and didnt see him.I wish they had the same experience as me I truly loved the music. I dont blame crazyhorse I blame the sound and the venue.

  • Shar says:

    Thanks Nell. Glad to hear your experience.

  • maggie says:

    I went having listened to both the new and old Neil Young and Crazy Horse stuff nonstop for the past month or so and I went away from the gig totally inspired, I also made sure I got a good spot, wasn’t sure how the sound travelled to those at the back and thats a shame if it wasn’t up to scratch but I can honestly say that I went away happy to have witnessed a genuine performance from amazing musicians who want to give you just that, seeing it in action and not just crowd pleasers churning out the hits.

    I felt elated that I was able to see this man rocking his heart out like he was back when he began. I was mesmerised throughout and I love that I was given the headspace to go there with them for the mad long freak out ride, of course there were so many songs that he could have played but you can’t keep all the people happy all the time and I knew what to expect with Crazy Horse and wasn’t for one minute even slightly disappointed.

    I was aware of a few people standing around me who didn’t seem all that mad on the solos but funnily enough these were the same people that seem to go to the bar a lot or maybe had weak bladders, I can forgive the latter.

    Also have to give a nod to Mike Scott and the Waterboys and Los Lobos who got everybody up on their feet, brilliant day. Missed Little Green Cars though šŸ™

    Even managed to catch the last bus home, oh what a perfect day.

  • Bluejay Young says:

    This pretty much explains what happened, or at least what the reporter thinks happened.

    Again, like today’s random quote said, “With Neil Young, expectations are useless”.

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