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Happy 68th Birthday Neil Young

On Neil Young’s 68th Birthday American Songwriter looks back on a 2011 Cover Story “Neil Young & Daniel Lanois Love and War.”

It’s a well-written, thoughtful Q & A with the legendary songwriter, and a nice issue for collectors of Neil memorabilia.

Does he really look like Gregory Peck?

Meanwhile fans are looking forward to Young’s 4-day acoustic concert series at Carnegie Hall in New York come January, with hopes for a U.S. Tour.

american-songwriter-cover-neil-youngThe interview starts:

“Serious, intense, with hooded blue-gray eyes that always seem capable of pinning you to the wall, Neil Young looks like a man who has forged an uneasy peace with himself and the choices that he’s made.

“Gone is much of that early restlessness and ire; the kind of discontent that found him pitching televisions out of third story windows into southern California canyons, or scowling onstage amid a 15-minute version of “Down By The River,” without ever acknowledging his audience.

“Two months from his 65th birthday, there is an air of quiet acceptance about him as he sits with perfect posture in his smart white Panama hat, trimmed beard and green military jacket. His lived-in features – chiseled and defined – give him the air of an aging leading man, and as you take a step back and squint, he resembles no one so much as Gregory Peck, with the same mixture of obsession and righteousness.”

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~H.B. in the quiet slipstream, in the thunder.

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