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Neil’s 68th: another list of personal favourite songs

Neil Young turns 68: His Best of the last 25 Years

Article by Chris Gerard of metroweekly; November 12, 2013 11:35 AM

“”Everybody knows Neil Young is one of the greatest artists in rock history. Most listeners and casual fans are mostly familiar with his earlier stuff, classic albums like “Harvest,” “After the Gold Rush,” “Zuma,” and “Rust Never Sleeps.” When you hear a Neil Young track on rock radio (probably classic rock radio, to be precise), it’s likely to be from one of those albums.

But his vast catalog has an incredible number of underrated gems and songs and albums appreciated mostly by his devoted fanbase. He’s never really gone away. He’s remained incredibly prolific over the last quarter century, and his late-era catalogue is definitely worth exploring even though the size of it can be daunting. While there are missteps, he’s mostly been on a long string of inspiration that seems a bit taken for granted. In celebration of his 68th birthday, here is a survey of his best cuts of the last 25 years:

read more (has comments on each song):

songs listed:

1. Hippie Dream (“Landing on Water”, 1986)
2. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (“Life”, 1987)
3. Coupe de Ville (“This Note’s For You”, 1988)
4. Feel Your Love (“American Dream”, 1988)
5. Cocaine Eyes (“Eldorado” EP, 1989)
6. Crime in The City (Sixty To Zero Part I) (“Freedom”, 1989)
7. Mansion on the Hill (“Ragged Glory”, 1990)
8. Unknown Legend (“Harvest Moon”, 1992)
9. Philadelphia (“Philadelphia” soundtrack, 1993)
10. Transformer Man (“Unplugged”, 1993)
11. Trans Am (“Sleeps With Angels”, 1994)
12. I’m the Ocean (“Mirrorball”, 1995)
13. This Town (“Broken Arrow”, 1996)
14. Slowpoke (“Looking Forward”, 1999)
15. Silver & Gold (“Silver & Gold”, 2000)
16. You’re My Girl (“Are You Passionate?”, 2002)
17. Bandit (“Greendale”, 2003)
18. The Painter (“Prairie Wind”, 2005)>
19. Shock & Awe (“Living With War”, 2006)
20. Boxcar (“Chrome Dreams II”, 2007)
21. Light A Candle (“Fork in the Road”, 2009)
22. Love and War (“Le Noise”, 2010)
23. Jesus' Chariot (“Americana”, 2012)
24. Ramada Inn (“Psychedelic Pill”, 2012)

to this guys opinion… discuss it. Why taking up personal Neil-Young-lists to the public when every fans knows that this is always fickle like Neil Young nad his music.

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