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Neil Young lauded as “Transformer Man”

webcam2 After Neil Young’s keynote speech earlier this month to the 2013 SEMA Show held by the Specialty Equipment Market Association in Las Vegas,  UQM Technologies Inc., a maker of high-tech motors for electric cars is publically praising his initiative.

UQM is also the supplier of the engine for Young’s LincVolt – his 1959 Lincoln Continental clean energy prototype.

Mark Harden, News Director of the Denver Business Journal writes about it in the Wall Street Journal: “We have a pretty good idea that Neil Young is on the playlists of execs at Colorado’s UQM Technologies Inc. To the Longmont-based makers of high-tech electric motors for vehicles, Young is a rocker with a heart of gold, sending UQM a lotta love.”

“We are delighted that Neil Young once again chose UQM for the electric motor and controller for this second-generation LincVolt,” Eric R. Ridenour, UQM’s president and CEO, said in a press release. “We commend him for using his considerable fame to reach an extremely diverse audience with positive messages about the benefits of vehicle electrification.”

Harden, name-dropping song lyrics, writes: “In other words, Young is a transformer man who feels there comes a time to go out on the weekend with an electric-powered old man’s car that runs like a hurricane. My, my, hey, hey.”

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