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Hurricane over Nyon


During the show of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, 23 July 2013 at Nyon Paleo Festival, West-Switzerland, again a thunderstorm broke loose with windgusts up to 70 km/h and pouring rain on stage, exactly during Neil’s set. Neil immediately let lower the pump organ from the ceiling. After playing extended versions of “Like A Hurricane” and “Rocking In The Free World“, the show had to be aborted…

Preliminary setlist:

1. Love and Only Love
2. Powderfinger
3. Psychedelic pill
4. Walk Like A Giant

5. Hole in the Sky
6. Heart of Gold
7. Blowin in the wind
8. Comes a Time
9. Singer without a song (w/o the girl and her suitcase)

– the sky opens up and a real thunderstorm comes up…
10. Like a hurricane
11. Rockin in the freeworld

then thr show was aborted due to management decision (too much water, Neil and The Horse could have gone for ever and the audience with them) . A  legendary show. Epic.

One live reporting review :

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3 Responses to “Hurricane over Nyon”

  • Bullfr says:

    Great performance, amazing atmosphere with the thunder all around and Crazy Horse’s music.
    Why do you say the show was aborted ? They stopped playing at 1am, after really long versions of Like a Hurricane and Rocking in the Free World – from what I saw, they wanted to keep playing (encores ?), but the management stopped them. Anyway they played almost 2 hours.

    • bnbrainer says:

      “aborted” = just a word for that they had to stop, cause of management. It was so great and phenomenal, *due* to the thunderstorm that came — extended versions of LAH and RITFW, and Neil felt it. I’m sure they could have continued for hours.

  • Jorge says:

    What a great and unforgettable performance! One of the highlights of my life: having seen Neil Young on stage in 2013. What a musician!

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