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SLAM: Neil-signed Les Paul to be auctioned

Bid on a Les Paul signed by Neil, Billy, Ralph & Poncho.

“Neil Young & Crazy Horse have signed a Les Paul Guitar to be auctioned for SLAM’s fundraising efforts. Money raised will help SLAM continue their work to galvanize the music community in removing barriers to live music. Neil Young, Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina and Frank “Poncho” Sampedro have individually signed a beautiful Black Les Paul Guitar to be immediately auctioned on E Bay, with all proceeds raised assisting SLAM’s ‘fighting fund’. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a historical souvenir from Young’s acclaimed Psychedelic Pill Australian tour and to support SLAM. This brand new guitar was valued at $4000 before being signed and now the guitar will become some lucky person’s ‘New Black’ to Neil Young’s own “Old Black” Les Paul.”

The guitar is up for bid at –

Try also this bidding link:

April 15 deadline

It’s all about removing barriers to live music.

Neil Young and the Crazy Horse band have signed a Les Paul Guitar to be auctioned for the Save Live Australia’s Music (SLAM) movement.

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“I\\\'m really turned on by the new music I\\\'m making now, back with Crazy Horse. Today, even as I\\\'m talking, the songs are running through my head. I\\\'m excited. I think everything I\\\'ve done is valid or else I wouldn\\\'t have released it, but I do realize the last three albums have been a certain way. I know I\\\'ve gotten a lot of bad publicity for them. Somehow I feel like I\\\'ve surfaced out of some kind of murk. And the proof will be in my next album.”
by -- Neil Young, from the Cameron Crowe Rolling Stone interview, Aug 14, 1975. Rolling Stone 1975

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