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Pono might not launch as planned:

Neil Young’s Pono Music won’t launch at CES
By Janko Roettgers

Pono is a no-show at CES: Neil Young’s high-definition music service and device won’t be launching in Vegas next month. Pono, the digital music company founded by music legend Neil Young, is delaying its launch: A Facebook post penned by Neil Young himself that had promised an “early 2014 launch” has been taken down, and the company is now saying that it won’t be at CES in Las Vegas next month.

Pono is Neil Young’s attempt to bring some of the qualities of original sound recordings back to the digital age. Young’s company will manufacture a personal audio player and also distribute high-definition music downloads.

The company is still keeping mum on some key details of its service, but Young said in the now-removed post that it works with “artist-approved studio masters” to restore music “to its original artistic quality.” Pono has also said that it is working with Meridian, a company that produces high-end audio and AV systems.

However, Pono isn’t the only company trying to woo consumers with better-sounding digital music. Next month’s CES will feature a dedicated “Hi Res Audio Experience” area, and companies like Sony will also feature high-resolution audio equipment at their booths. Pono’s promise has been that it will differentiate itself from these competitors by delivering more than just higher bitrates, but at least at CES, consumers won’t be able to hear the difference.

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