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Robert Henry gets the German teacher award 2014 as the only teacher from Berlin. He teaches at the Johann Gottfried Herder-Gymnasium in Lichtenberg. And with unusual methods. He let his students contact the phone messages for Neil Young.

Cell phones in class, and then the teacher nor the spread itself, allowing students to each other film – yes, it’s still working? Very good indeed does that, at least in this history lesson in Lichtenberger Johann Gottfried Herder-Gymnasium, in practice the ninth graders a video message to the singer Neil Young – and at least when their teacher Robert Henry’s. On Monday, the 41-year-old has been awarded the German teacher price – the only teacher in Berlin this year.

If you watch the lessons, we also understand what Neil Young has to do with the subject of history. His song “Cortez the Killer” the singer has allegedly already written as students in a history class in high school, probably in the early 1960s. The song is about the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico. Like the Aztecs are represented in the song, all the women are beautiful, the men strong? Are not they a bit many stereotypes? And: “Is not the song a bit euro centric”, asking the students in her video message.

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