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Rock ‘n Roll puppet show stars character modeled after Neil Young

Neil Young puppet“You don’t want to be 30, man,” one hippie tells another in Dan Graham’s rock ‘n’ roll puppet show Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30. “30 is death.”

Neil is everywhere…..

According to an article that appeared in Art News,  the show’s story takes place during the ’60s and involves a 35-year-old presidential candidate named Neil Sky. Modeled after Neil Young, Sky represents everything a ’60s kid could want. (The title of the performance is borrowed from Jack Weinberg, an activist at UC Berkeley during the ’60s and a member of the Free Speech Movement.) Notably, Sky will put everyone over 30 in a rehab facility where they’ll get LSD in their drinking water. The plot is loopy and absurd, and Graham said it was inspired by Billy Wilder’s comedies. Mostly, however, “I did it just for fun,” Graham said. “All art should be for fun.”

Graham, the 73-year-old artist, is known for creating environments that involve mirrors and video. He  has been working in New York since the late ’60s, but he is still young at heart.

His puppet performance involves “a very amateur group, like the Beastie Boys,” with video projections by Tony Oursler and live rock music by Japanther. (To further underscore the irony, Graham noted that the puppeteers were “among the best in the world.”)

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