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Fun feature – Neil’s Geo-IP-log

Neil is locating his fans:






Europe is leading at US nighttime =:)

To trace yourself: utrace.

There are various ways to be individual on the Internets.


this is our world



keep fingers crossing for Japan.  Hard to say something. Words? Heart is with the people.

All our help for all Japan. Nature is so strong.

But then don’t mess with it by using nuclear powers for energy. Use something else. Think different. Question it all.

Oh Mother Earth!

update: Fukushima on 22 March 2011:  smoke billows over blocks 2 and 3, temperature in block 1 is rising, still none of the cooling pumps are working, partial core meltdown in blocks 1-3, more and more radioactivity measurements are surfacing… sources: | (animated radioactivity plume predictions |

update: Fuk-ed-up on 30 March 2011: probably all 3 reactor cores have partial meltdown; unbelievable high radioactivity values in the sea water, Pu-239 in the soil, etc. The problem with a nuclear society is, that it inherently is based on LIES! See the Japanese information plicy right now.

Neil Young fuzzy lyrics search engine

the well appreciated Neil fuzzy lyrics search engine on needs re-coding, after moving to the new server. That’s a project of high priority and will be accomplished soon. Be patient.

Crime In The City

Rocking in a Free World

I think, it’s a crime against humanity what happens in Libyia. The people want a revolution and all we do is to stand-by. It’s a shame for the West’s ideals. All the oil-profiteers should step in instead of cowardly bailing out. Where is the fucking UN? People get killed for rocking in a free world…

…more to come here. Send me a cheeseburger. Where is the Anrgy World?

“Old Man” rap cover

By RedLight King: ” Musically, Something For The Pain blends these pensive musings with a decidedly rock sound punched with rhythmic undertones. “Old Man”, the first single from the upcoming CD is not a cover but rather was written as an ode to his own father while paying homage to musical icon Neil Young’s song of the same name and, for the first time ever, contains an approved sample of Young’s original song. Done with great respect, the song carries a deeply personal message with a thoroughly modern and original twist.”

From Yahoo-new-music:

Music icon Neil Young is notorious for resisting the use of his work by others. He has steadfastly–and somewhat refreshingly–avoided any commercial use or sampling of his vast catalog. He even wrote a song about his views called “This One’s For You.”

So it comes as a surprise that Young has given the go-ahead to Redlight King, a little-known rock group whose song “Old Man” heavily references Neil’s original from 1972.

In a brilliant story of perseverance, the band managed to get the track to the source of the matter after all other options were exhausted. His managers, lawyers, and everyone in-between had initially denied the request. Yet after the song was passed to Neil himself, usage was approved for what became the ultimate personal stamp of approval.

Random Quote

I remember the good old days, Stayed up all night gettin\\\' crazed.
by --Neil Young

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Tom Hambleton provides BNB with setlists, thankfully. His website is the most comprehensive searchable archives on the Internets about anything Neil Young related setlists. Goto Sugar Mountain.

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