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Neil Young Set List: 2014-01-09, Carnegie Hall- #3

Update – Day 3: “Mr Soul” flew out and 3 other songs came in:


photo by BH

Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York, USA

1. From Hank To Hendrix (acoustic guitar)
2. Helpless (acoustic guitar)
3. On The Way Home (acoustic guitar)
4. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (acoustic guitar)
5. Love In Mind (grand piano)
6. Birds (grand piano)
7. Mellow My Mind (banjo)
8. Are You Ready For The Country? (upright piano)
9. Someday (acoustic guitar)
10. Changes (acoustic guitar) [Phils Ochs]
11. Harvest (acoustic guitar)
12. Old Man (acoustic guitar)
13. Goin' Back (12 string acoustic guitar)
14. A Man Needs A Maid (grand piano/synthesizer)
15. Ohio (acoustic guitar)
16. Southern Man (acoustic guitar)
17. Needle Of Death (acoustic guitar) [Bert Jansch]
18. The Needle And The Damage Done (acoustic guitar)
19. Harvest Moon (acoustic guitar)
20. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (upright piano)
21. After The Gold Rush (upright piano)
22. Journey Through The Past (upright piano)
23. Heart Of Gold (acoustic guitar)
24. Comes A Time (acoustic guitar)
25. Long May You Run (acoustic guitar)

Billboard review: Carnegie Hall

Neil Young at Carnegie Hall: Live Review
By Caryn Rose, New York | January 08, 2014 10:30 AM EST

Neil’s voice has changed with the years but still maintains its essential power, which was blissfully well-served by the famous Carnegie Hall acoustics. You wouldn’t think one man and a banjo could fill that cavernous space, but Young had no problem with doing so throughout the entire set. Unlike the audience the previous evening, which by all reports had to be admonished for unnecessary boisterousness, tonight the crowd was content to sit and listen. That might sound like a bad thing for a rock and roll show, but the quiet wasn’t detached; it was engaged and participatory, an audience sitting on the edge of their seat and engulfed in the performance.

(Don’t worry, there were still plenty of “I LOVE YOU, NEIL” yelps throughout the show, and the guys who invoked Neil’s ire on night one by yelling for “Don’t Be Denied” did get at least one bellow in.)

You expect Neil Young to play great guitar, but tonight many of the best moments were on keyboards. “Are You Ready For The Country” was one of those moments: performed on the stand-up piano, it has a loose, honky-tonk feel, but that deliberately casual style hid the precision that was driving the performance. The keyboards were where Neil could experiment a little bit, offering an interesting, 80’s-tinged synthesizer accompaniment to the grand piano for “A Man Needs A Maid” and the quasi-goth pump organ rendition of “Mr. Soul.”

Read the whole article:


Carnegie Hall – the clapping

Carnegie-Hall 2014

photo by Trapper

Here is another article about the clapping at a Neil Young acoustic show in a musical theater:

“To clap or not to clap? Performing at New York’s Carnegie Hall on Monday night, Neil Young abruptly rebuked his audience for clapping along to his CSNY classic Ohio. “Wrong!” the veteran rocker snapped, cutting off the intro after a few bars and only continuing when the crowd had settled down into suitably reverent silence.

“When Young explained to his chastened clappers “there’s a hell of a distance between me and you” he probably meant the literal distance from stage to seats, which plays havoc with acoustics.

“Clapping along is a way of reclaiming music, returning it to its communal essence. It is a very human sign of involvement and appreciation, not just an indication that people are enjoying it, but that they are getting carried away by the spirit of it.

read all on:…/Clappy-unhappy-why-Neil-Young-was-wrong-to-tell-his-audience-to-be-quiet.html

The controversy goes in essence about two horns of a dilemma:

a) clapping in a large audience hall can’t be physically timely on the rhythm that’s coming from the stage and disturbs the listening experience of the musician (and so his performance) and of the other audience further away from you;


b) the audience wants to express its happiness.


NYT Review: Familiar Yet Distant, With Songs and an Edge

Neil Young was just a few bars into an indignant old song at Carnegie Hall on Monday night, chugging a terse intro on an acoustic guitar, when he abruptly threw the emergency brake.

“Wrong!” he barked, waving one hand, as if to cut off a rehearsal band. Part of the audience had started clapping to the beat — but not quite on the beat, as Mr. Young complained. His tone was even, his exasperation clear.

“It’s something that you probably don’t know,” he said, peering into the house from the stage, “but there’s a hell of a distance between you and me.”

read more:…/arts/music/temperamental-neil-young-starts-run-at-carnegie-hall

Neil Young Set List: 2014-01-07, Carnegie Hall, New York City


photo by BH

Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York, USA

1. From Hank To Hendrix (acoustic guitar)
2. On The Way Home (acoustic guitar)
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (acoustic guitar)
4. Love In Mind (grand piano)
5. Mellow My Mind (banjo)
6. Are You Ready For The Country? (upright piano)
7. Someday (upright piano)
8. Changes (acoustic guitar)
9. Harvest (acoustic guitar)
10. Old Man (acoustic guitar)
11. Goin' Back (12 string acoustic guitar)
12. A Man Needs A Maid (piano/synthesizer)
13. Ohio (acoustic guitar)
14. Southern Man  (acoustic guitar)
15. Mr. Soul (pump organ)
16. Needle Of Death  (acoustic guitar)
17. The Needle And The Damage Done (acoustic guitar)
18. Harvest Moon (acoustic guitar)
19. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (upright piano)
20. After The Gold Rush (upright piano)
21. Heart Of Gold (acoustic guitar)
22. Comes A Time (acoustic guitar)
23. Long May You Run (acoustic guitar)

Band: Neil Young - acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, piano,
harmonica, vocals

Thanks to Tom from Sugar Mountain.

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